Farm Machinery Spare Parts

Farm Machinery Spare Parts

Farm Machinery Spare Parts Manufacturers

Our company, formed in 2011 on a 14,000-square-meter plot of land and a 6,000-square-meter restricted area in the Konya Organized Industrial Zone, is the successor to Konkassan Konya Kasnak Industry, a leading Konya casting enterprise. We make steel, lamellar graphite, ductile iron, spheroidal graphite, and pike iron.

To innovate, expand, and progress, we improved all of our production processes to ISO 9001:2008 standards and received quality certification. Merolu Metalurji will stay abreast of technological advances to ensure sample quality at every stage of farm machinery spare parts and cardan shaft manufacturing and lower costs.

Essential Farm Machinery Spare Parts for Efficient Agricultural Operations

Tractor Spare Parts

Tractors are the backbone of modern agriculture, and various spare parts are essential for their upkeep. These include filters (oil, fuel, and air), belts, hydraulic hoses, clutch plates, and engine components. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of these Farm Machinery Spare Parts contribute to the longevity and performance of tractors.

Combine Harvester Parts:

Combine harvesters are used for harvesting crops, and their spare parts are crucial for efficient crop collection. Some important spare parts include blades, concaves, belts, sieves, and augers. These Farm Machinery Spare Parts need to be inspected regularly and replaced when necessary to ensure optimal performance during the harvest season.

Irrigation System Parts:

Efficient irrigation is essential for crop growth, and Farm Machinery Spare Parts for irrigation systems are indispensable. These parts may include nozzles, valves, sprinkler heads, filters, and pressure regulators. Proper maintenance and replacement of these parts contribute to water conservation and improved crop yields.

Harvesting Machine Spare Parts:

Harvesting machines like reapers, threshers, and balers require regular maintenance and replacement of key spare parts. These may include blades, belts, chains, bearings, and pulleys. Well-maintained harvesting machinery ensures smooth operations during the harvest season, leading to minimal crop loss and increased efficiency.

Seed Planting Equipment Parts:

Seed planters are crucial for precise and uniform crop planting. Spare parts such as seed tubes, metering units, seed discs, and depth wheels need to be in optimal condition for accurate seed placement. Timely replacement of Farm Machinery Spare Parts helps avoid seed waste and ensures consistent crop emergence.


What is the most used piece of farm equipment?

Tractors may be the most popular farm equipment. They’re one of the farm’s most important tools. Farmers plow, plant, fertilize, cultivate, and harvest crops with tractors.

What farm equipment is used?

Tractors, balers, combines, plows, mowers, planters, and sprayers are the most typical agricultural equipment.

How many tools are used in farming?

Hand cultivator, harrow, spade, secateurs, hand trowel, garden fork, sprinklers, rake, pruning saw, spray pumps, grass shear, grafting and flowering knives, etc. are needed for various horticultural tasks.