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What Is Sand Casting?

The production of metal parts requires a metal casting process that can mould the metal into virtually any shape. The sand casting process is a direct, versatile and cost effective option for producing metal components in foundries, but what is sand casting? Sand casting is a metal casting process that uses sand as the mould […]

Automotive Industry Castings

When it comes to manufacturing innovation, the automotive industry is at the forefront of the technological world. With each passing year, carmakers improve their design and engineering systems to create more efficient and powerful vehicles. Alloys and metal casting are often at the heart of these advances, reducing the overall weight of a car while […]

What is the difference between molding and casting?

Moulding or mould making is the process of creating the cavity/form that carries a negative or reverse impression of an original model. Moulds can be made from a rigid material such as plaster or resin or, more commonly, from a flexible material such as rubber. The material to be used should be chosen taking into […]

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