In each furnace, the analysis of the molten metal is regularly checked using a spectrometer. The spectrometer is capable of
analysing iron-nickel based alloys and an additional 20 types of elements, including nitrogen in the alloy.

Our metal microscope, with a magnification of 1500x, allows the microstructure of the material to be examined and, if required, photographed. NIKON MA 100 microscope (100x200x500x magnification) is used for metallographic examinations. With analysis programs in metallographic interpretations; detailed analyses such as particle size analysis, phase distribution, spheroidisation, inclusion determination can be made.

Ultrasonic testing equipment is used to detect internal defects in castings up to 1000mm thick. A magnetic test is used to check for surface defects.

In our mechanical testing laboratory, the necessary tests are carried out using our 20 and 40 tonne tensile/compressive strength testers, a 3000kg compression fixed hardness tester with Ø10mm ball, and our portable electronic hardness tester and impact tester.